Bottled emotions, that pour out dramatically;Spill onto my floor, of puddles of agony. The things that had troubled me, are now causing me a surprise,of what’s opposite of apathy. Currently, I think that my blood rushes, like rivers so rapidly. I am no longer lost, no, I am, happily after me; Of my own shadow, … Continue reading 103.


The world and it’s honest colors —Black shade that causes one to shutter, stutter and then buffer… Makes me just wonder, what other? The electromagnetic energy, and the cool blues that reside in the waters. The red fleshed blood from my wrists that were slaughtered… And the white that glimmers, in the sun, when all … Continue reading 102.


System oppression, Strangles my existence, To an ism of lessons... I fight to be optimal, Optimistically settling. With options that are minimal. What is this life? What is this life where all I continually know is strife, and if you don’t know about this black man’s plight... Let me tell you, it isn’t easy. Feeling … Continue reading 98.


You awaken my heart, you enliven my spirit. I am careful to grasp you, yet, so close to a panic. Anxiety grasps me, and I don’t want to act careless. But you shaken my heart, and your body I want to be near it. If you escape me that’s harsh, How I love our sweet … Continue reading 97.


Attempting to grow through the mud and grime... The lotus flower, inevitably shines but still at will, inevitably is primed — For pain, and suffering. It’s pain and suffering is shuttering you know, the flower itself. Basking in blackness as it rises and attacks air. Striving to breathe, and to live at ease. It doesn’t … Continue reading 96.


I am recovering from a storm. The water was not nearly lukewarm, but blazing hot. It’s raging hot, Knocked me down to the ground, And it’s amazing I’m not, Broken but soaked in Jesus’s love and healing. It seems to me that him being my savior, is revealing. Reveals truths about why and how I … Continue reading 95.


Existence is like butterflies and rain amidst in,Intangibles distant. Never quite touching, but always nearby if you listen… Striving for things that glisten;Is like striving while being rigid. I pick in, and rather pick out;Ideas that rather stick out. Soaked in all of this water’s stream of rain.It’s like being caught up in a stream … Continue reading 94.