My heart desires to be heard. I am battling with the absurd. Maturity is lacking in my generation. Yet, we are the generation to change the world! I wish to hurl these feelings to every girl, and to show her how she does not necessarily run the world. But she is the key, to everlasting […]


Our adventure and love officially starts today; And our journey begins today… Our chapter, our first chapter together, will endure many weathers… Ink spills, and written poetries – Sunny days, and gloomy ones too. I can not see what is the future or what lies ahead. But today, marks the first page. And so our […]

Black & White

Seeing things black and white, and it is no fun or games. It can drive you insane. Things are not so plain. And it appears as if you feign, to others. But it’s only because I see things black and white… I recollect, and recommit to recoloring those imperfections. Still applying my wisdom and lessons… […]


I want to be present with you, in every second with you. Talk to me, freely. Rest on me, peacefully. Breathe onto my shoulder, cry or laugh until you are sober. Look each-other in our eyes, and feel what we are feeding. Our emotions are breathing, inhaling life’s difficulties and tribulations. And as we are […]


I have to be wise in how I lead this love. I need to. I have felt death, and was on the edges of life, more than twice, multiple times. Can you heal me, without looking at me as inferior? Nevertheless, I am superior. You are the woman who is nurturing, and this is your […]


Your love will be valued. Your love can propel me. Temptation, I pray to God to dispel from me. Affection and everlasting attention, I desire to be reciprocated. Life, is in flux. Life ever changes. Let’s not only flow, but something you need to know – is that we need to constantly grow. Gently grow, […]

Beloved Emily

You are my sole purpose. You are my soul’s purpose. Your voice echos, and my love’s threshold, Bursts from the depths of my inner being. You inspire me, truly. My beloved Emily… There is nothing more I wish for, Than to love you forever more. You are special, and beautiful – I will tell you […]


The aroma and taste is incredibly important to me. It awakens my senses, and love is stirred within. I enjoy two flavors mainly, hazelnut or toffee. Otherwise, I normally drink a French Roast Expresso. I am not exactly a coffee connoisseur. I like the name, it’s cool. However, it is not exactly fitting or deserving […]


There is a reason why we met, and I am ecstatic because I think that I know why. We only have to take it a day at a time; Our love has no choice but to grow. No matter how slow – it’s exponential. My love is exceptional, like rarities and oddities. I have you […]


As I write this, I am sitting in a coffee shop near close to my apartment. I am wearing grey jogger pants snugged against my worn legs. I have my two year old laptop that my grandfather bought for me, my phone and index cards in front of me. My thoughts seem back to form; […]