“Meditations 2…”

If I trust you then that means I am entrusting with my soul, love, and mind.

To break my trust is to shatter my soul, love, and mind.

Yet, I seek God in the times of worry, loss of trust, and hurt.

When I leave this world.

I hope that I am remembered by how much love I gave.

I hope that I am not judged crucially.

I am an imperfect man that makes mistakes.

Thus spoke Zarathustra, I also want to be great.

Virtues, redemption.

With each sentence, I write my repentance.

I vent and write because this is my outlet.

My ego is tamed through this practice.

Do not leave me if you are in my life.

If you do step out – it will hurt.

I wear my heart on my sleeve.

I am loyal and emotional.

Still growing and learning.

Not foolish, but I am as passionate as they come.

Passion is all I have when all else fails.

I write with passion, and compete with passion, because I am grateful and blessed.

Life is a learning lesson and process.

God, I trust your process.