“Trusting God’s Process…”

I will not give up. I cannot lose hope.

They make my dreams out to be a joke…

I am dedicated and I am a child of God.

His process is my unfinished life, and he is working inside of me.

My best friend and ultimate guidance,

My spiritual master, I love you.


I love myself.

I will carry on In this life with strength like none have ever seen.

Sometimes emotional pain gets overbearing.

I am a stoic, and perhaps, heroic.

My story is being told and written on this blog.


Thank you for reading –

I will not give up.


Light overpowers the darkness in this world.

Post by post, I am overtaking the darkness within.


I want to be light.

I want to fight.


We all have prejudices and things like that.


I cope and write because I am not like that.