I am spiritual half religious.

It’s hard for me.

With a name like Elijah.

I have a complex.

Inferior complexes and superior complexes.

Are their ranks in heaven?

I think I read somewhere that there is.

I don’t know whose thought that was.

I just believed it.

I write like this because its the flow of my thoughts and I just pull them to write it down.

I feel bad for anyone I was ever rude to.

I take ownership.

Perhaps, both complexes were pulling from each other.

I don’t think that I am better than anyone, but I’ll be honest and say I feel like I work harder than the average person.

That is a wild claim. Because who says work on the inside is real work.

It’s just more rewarding being spiritual than being religious.

I guess spirituality is a job that translates into other areas of our life.

I’m learning!