Just What I am.

Live and make something magical in writing.


Flow and ebb with different pen styles.

My intuition tells me that –

It’s not about money, but pursuing a passion and living out my life’s purpose.

It tells me that there are two passions embedded inside of me.

Athlete and writer.

I think it is safe to say that I have two passions, but

I will put writing first…

I have a lot of fire inside of me.

It’s there. I was very depressed being a child and I carried around negative energy.

Insecure, because my family was poor. But still, I smiled.

I smiled because it was an anxiety smile. Somehow, though, I confused it with happiness.

I didn’t like my clothes, I didn’t like my smile, and I didn’t really have many friends.

It’s like I grew up happy but became confused and tainted as years went by.

Moments of euphoria and happiness that does come brings me to an insight.

Maybe I’ve been faking it all this time.

Maybe I wasn’t truly happy all this time.

I think it is time I take back my happiness and truly be the light I was meant to be before the world tainted me.

Moments of Euphoria come momentarily…

What would it be like to be euphoric and still function in society unscathed?

I’m going to find out and write, on my journey to euphoria.

Thank you for reading.