My Tattoo.

My tattoo symbolizes a rebirth.

My tattoo symbolizes humility.

My tattoo represents my mistakes and triumphs.

My tattoo symbolizes that “I will be great.”

My tattoo reminds me to be patient.

My tattoo reminds me that hard work is important for where I want to go.

My tattoo reminds me that love isn’t easy, to wait for that.

My tattoo symbolizes my love for music.

My tattoo tells me to be myself at all times.

My tattoo tells me to not give up on my dreams.

My tattoo reads God’s Plan, 400, L.N

God’s plan because this is his plan as I co-create and manifest my dreams.

400 because that is the race that I want to break the school record in for track, and L.N initials – she inspired and told me that I should do that race instead of any other sport. She was my first love and taught me so much that I did not know about myself. I will love her forever because of that.

God’s plan. 400. L.N

I’m patient…