Following God’s Plan

I am not perfect. I will never be perfect… But I will continue to strive for excellence… That is all I can do… I fell into the trap of being a perfectionist and if I can warn anyone about being a perfectionist – I would warn them and tell them that it is a fallacy. Don’t ever become one. You will fall painfully and it will hurt. But God will pick you up because we are his children.

I am thankful to God. I ought to say, he does show you a better way. As I walk with God and his restoration of my mind, I feel a sense of lightness and forgiveness. The feeling is real. I am also happier. Even though there are a million things I want to become better at. It’s a process. I learned that its all according to his plan and no one else’s. It is a matter of trusting God. What will I do? I am going to trust God in all my mind body and soul.

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