Higher Man

The animal needs to live too.

He lives in the gym.

The higher man is a scholar – in a system that does not appreciate him.

The animal grows exponentially.

The higher man becomes weaker, but never succumbs to his weakest.

Virtues serve as a safety net.

Righteous, but animalistic.

It seems that the higher man is killed and that is realistic!

He spoke Zarathustra…

But that was then.

Now I am back and here!

I have to restart and guard myself from the weak minds.

Striving for excellence – it is no easy endeavor.

So, to kill this next dragon – I’ll be clever.

Stronger and better.

As I battle inside, the animal vs. the higher man.

Excellence is all that I demand –

From myself, for myself.

& not prideful, this time is with God’s help.