I don’t know why I liked the feeling of depression.

Remembering the weeks alone and my heart feeling compressed in –

Missing days of school because I slept in.

I was hiding, not really neglecting my studies…

It makes me wonder about love and fulfillment – the entire continuum.

I’ve felt both sides – heaven and hell.

Is it all a mindset I question.

Either way, I learned a lesson.

Not to stay too long down there.

It is much more peaceful up here.

I felt good sad, how is that so?

I loved the feeling, but it isn’t healthy – causes stress.

I want to feel happy and content. With time being well spent.

Even though I have wishes, being lost in a fantasy isn’t the best way to cope.

Life is good when lived with a little soul.

Because great spirits have to dance with young souls,

old souls and no-souls…

And If I get hurt along the way, it is okay when you are a gold soul.

A gold soul is a mighty soul, and a fine soul – diamond soul that takes years for someone to mine such a soul. Yes, a very hard to find soul…

So just know, as I write this to myself – you have a big heart and a mighty soul – dont give up or become too weak again. God is watching in.