Ta Eis Heauton

As I sit here I wonder what is in store for me. I think about my potential and failures. I think about my talent, I am fast and I have athletic ability. I have four years of eligibility. And that sounds like a pot of gold every time I say it.


I have enough time to work and get to the best possible shape I’ve ever been in. On top of that, if I put into perspective the amount of competition I can be placed in, something special can happen. This isn’t wishful thinking – this is reality and what is to come.


One thing about me is that I am a visionary. I like to think about the future and what I can do now to prepare myself.


I remember Coach Litts at East Stroudsburg South told me that he thinks football is my golden ticket. I always remembered that.


I remember Coach Merli for ESU told me I am the best athlete on the track team.

I believed it but didn’t at the same time. I was playing humble.


I don’t have many accolades. But I’ll get there. I will lead without a title.

I also feel adapted to college. It took me a while, but something I picked up about being at ESU is that you’re supposed to follow some sort of process – like the one Coach Merli presented with the team… “Trust the program”


The thing is I have been following a process with God since my younger years. I was 16 when I started my journey and the process has been nothing but fulfilling and insightful. I like to think that I am blessed and anointed because, after every time I fell, I got up stronger and better. Amen. I am patient… Patient to tell my story and patient to compete – whether it’s football, track, or wrestling. I want to compete. I want to be coached and I want to get better.


“Our greatest glory is not in ever falling, but in rising every time we fall.”