Would You Still Love Me…

Would you love me if I’m vulnerable, and still keep me close to you –

And would you love me unconditionally like how I’d love you.

If I showed you my imperfections would you still treasure my soul?

If I shared my faults and demons,

If I expressed my dreaming,

Fantasies, and hopes –

Would you consider my outlook realistic or a horrible joke –

And would you still care?

To still love me and be there.

Would you love me despite my tattoos?

Or would you judge me and consider me a fool?

My insecurities, I’d tell you them – all of them.

But would you stay with them or run from them.

Can I trust you to still love me when I desperately lose myself?

Would you cry for me and would you lie to me?

Will you love me regardless

Not making me heartless, but loving me against all odds.

This is the kind of relationship I pray for to God.