Meditations 6…

This morning I finished a book called How to be a stoic by Massimo Pigliucci. It was very insightful and motivating. Essentially, the author took the ancient philosophy and explained and demonstrated how and in what ways it can be used in modern day. I’ve read Seneca and Marcus Aurelius but gave them away. I think I need to buy those two books again if I want to continue being a successful stoic… I’ve adopted the philosophy around last year. A lady that owns a bookstore suggested I read Marcus Aurelius. She said she recommends that book to students who are graduating and are going out to the real-real world of the workforce and major responsibility.

What is stoicism?

As defined by google’s dictionary…

the endurance of pain or hardship without a display of feelings and without complaint.

I grew interested in the philosophy after a bad break up with my ex. I’ve been single ever since and its been about a year and a month now… I can honestly say that the philosophy – which of course has principles and points of reference as to how to deal with certain issues and problems, saved my life and spirit.

A famous quote from Fredrich Nietzche “That which does not kill you, makes you stronger.”

The quote above is influenced by Stoic philosophy. But it is so true…

Things that are bad, happens to us and it changes us. Stoic philosophy is an optimistic philosophy. It isn’t all about being tough-skinned and strong. Although it may seem that way – the philosophy is really about getting through life and its hardships, in the most ethical way, and not losing one’s mind or integrity.

I think that things happen in life due to fate. And I love fate. I love my destiny. I can be but won’t be swayed to ever think that I hate my life or that life sucks. I believe that the universe is in charge and who am I, but just a human, to ever disagree with nature or the creator of all things? Things that happened to me, whether it was bad or good – usually turned out to be a masterful teacher and shaped me into the man I am now… I certainly love who I am.

I made a decision to change my major officially, to English. My major before English was athletic training, and no, it’s not the same as personal training. I am happy with my decision because I love writing and I love the English language. I want to write more articles, stories, memoirs. I am excited to be on this path and I know that with this being my second passion, my heart will continue to steer me in a positive direction. Amor Fati.