“Ambitious Pursuits…”

I am old in spirit and mind,

But may I never become complacent…

I want to grow older with time,

As if wine, but it is different with mine.

I want to accomplish all, if not, some.

I am ambitious – I want what is one.

I will keep trying until I’ve won…

Failure isn’t an option – I want to go to Colombia university for my masters.

And become one of the great writers.


Ambitious Pursuits, I am competitive by nature.

I want to chip away at the glacier –

Until all can see my facial…

I want my legacy to be respected.

My life has been full of lessons and I wish to share them.

Express, because growing up, that is all I probably needed.

Always needing to speak my mind because I have too many thoughts,

Some are golden and some are dark.

Where do I start?

Writing, because I am gifted.

And maybe a younger me will find this uplifting…