Meditations 8…

I do not know if I can consider myself anything else, but a stoic. An agnostic stoic. An agnostic stoic that loves music, because music stirs the soul like creme swirled in rich brown coffee, and without music life would be a mistake. An agnostic stoic who loves music, and curious thoughts about the universe, and the greatest order of things.

God is much bigger than the God people try to impose on others. I am convinced because of the natural evidence!

Carrying on, because this is my meditations… I trust that my passions will take me far, but like anyone chasing a “dream” or passion, I feel doubt. It is not heavy, but the doubt weighs on my soul, a pound or two – not too heavy. I realize that since this is MY passion, a passion that has been developing up until now in this very moment – it will only continue to grow the more I practice. It will naturally grow and the process is what is most valuable, not the the external reward like a degree or Pulitzer award. No. The process and writer/athlete I become is the main reward, Because that doesn’t change, who I am… I only continue to keep evolving, upward and forward. Like a tornado enveloping to the sky.

Nothing is holding me back, especially dogmatic principles or judgments from people.

Amor Fati