Do you know what it really means?

To hold onto a dream…

Late nights and early mornings –

Thinking and not being sure of…

Alone and knowing that this dream is my only home.

God knows how much I am attatched to this record.

You can’t take the spots off of a leapord – and when you are a lion, hungry and want it badly…

You cannot lead me anywhere else like a Shepard.

I am on clear route on my path and I thank Lyndsey because she inspired me.

My dream is my job and there is no need to hire me.

Running and writing,

Self care and management.

Planning and obsession.

46.63 seconds.

I think and dream about it…

I am a simple man, but more complex than anything…

When I cry, it is heavy rain.

Passion bleeds through my eyes.

And I feel its drop on my skin.

I am in it to win – to cover all of my sins…