“Mad/Sad Affliction…”

I afflict sadness purposely because happiness is fleeting.

I equip with sadness, to strengthen my happiness.

I spit out water, in the hot summer evening.

I walk a thousand miles in a month.

I cry and cut myself with sharp mean words.

I look in the mirror and stare where it hurts.

I look at my flaws and embrace while I look at my eyes and face.

My skin is brown as dirt. My eyes are brown as the ground.

My voice crackles from hesitation.


My laugh is muddled by insecurity.


I scream with extreme alpha-ness.

I break the chains of weakness. And work and climb out of my silly transgressions.

I work and I work. To become the man I envision.

Nothing timid here.

I keep going until I break out of my skin.

I break and seep through a crack.

My spirit lives and overcomes my small difficulties.

I am stronger and overcome my inferiorities.