I am not afraid of death. I feel like I have been faced with death, and although it was scary, I imagine death to be fast when and if it ever comes. I say ever, because, perhaps I never die. Perhaps, at the blink of death, I live more as I step into a new dimension or better… I continue living. None of us really knows what death is like.

I can only speculate.

But psychologically, I was ready.

Psychologically, I felt bigger than the scary thing. A concept that we created. Death. Death is natural! We just do not know what is on the other side of that page.

And after 21 chapters, I have optimistic belief, that perhaps death is the final pain, that we all must overcome. To simply overcome, because all of my life, I spent it overcoming: fear, pain, hunger, etc.

What makes death so special.

Death is natural.

I want to make death my bestfriend.

I want to prepare for it. Because it won’t be easy. And it will be different and a heck of a transition or period.

And I am tired of pretending I will live forever. I will at some point die. And I will spend the rest of my life preparing.

Preparation includes chasing the dreams that I envision, because what is a life not lived to the best of its expression. And what is death compared to a life well lived? A challenge, that I will prepare strategically for.