“Sorrows felt…”

Allow me to feel the things I feel.

They are only temporary.

Anyway, I feel like pain is mandatory…

So happiness can be secondary.

On my way to heaven, the stairs are steep and long.

I’ll be there soon, this pain cannot be too long.

I come to enjoy it, because I rather not suffer completely.

It is my choosing in the first place, to feel things deeply.

I make my own bed, with tears as my cover.

The wetness and pain felt, is valuable comfort.

Heaven on its way, in some day coming…

I don’t know when, I just keep my faith.

God makes me stronger in some new way –

Eliminating weaknesses, one by one.

Psychologically I am a stoic.

Misery is a cousin to being heroic…

Grandiose to keep clinging.

My poetry is me singing.

My poetic prowess is dying.

But I am alive and better…

I turned this poetic scheme, into something clever.

Awake! Awake!

My creative license, I flaunt.

Dark, darkness, will haunt.

But I have my sword, and with it I slice and dice.

This cold world fits nice, as I try on its remains.

I am a lion and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t.

Pain is temporary for joy that is secondary.

It hurts, but doesn’t.

As if immune.

My mind body and soul are becoming a tune.

Through my poetic prowess.

I stand on towers that make me bigger than my fears.

I lift more weight because I am bigger than my tears.

I face my demons because I am as big as my passions.

I dream.

I am a living dream,

for twenty one years, I have lasted!