“Walking Under Rain…”

Rain, you drizzle on me and I wonder as I walk a dozen miles…

I believe you are nature’s pain, and it is a matter of now.

Because the past is crying in your present, and I figure I tug at your lesson.

What was it that made you pour your sky’s soul?

I won’t tell a soul, its just for me to know.

I will keep your secret tucked, and stuck in mine.

My soul respects yours because it is just like mine.

I have demons and pain untold.

But can we share ours as I walk under these clouds?

I do not want to walk alone, anyhow.

Say yes, as I am a kid without my ego.

I really would like to know!

Maybe, I won’t feel so bad.

Maybe, I’ll grow out of the pain from your rain.

Somethings, will never be the same.

But I want them to.

I like comfort too…

I am a perfectionist, and I like growth.

But I think maybe, really, I just want to be held, and to hold.

Wait, I figured it out!

Tell the winds to not blow on our clouds…

Love, is our answer rain.

Love, is the answer to our pain.