“Tao & Track…”

I trust the Tao and its timing.

Track is more than running or rhyming…

Track to me is my naturalness.

Track is my rationalist…

Track is my birthright gift.

I train and dismiss, the things that cannot exist within my shift –

And mode of thinking, when existing within the Tao!

When I run, I am swift.

400 meters is my magical gift.

Short of words, I am gasping for air.

Running fast as Lions chasing their prey.

Before death reaches me, I have devoured my fears.

Within the Tao…

I think deeply, and mastermind as I write, and now –

I think grimly and foul, as I think of what this record means to me.

Aside from the record, everything else seems to me, as mere nothing.

I want nothing else, but to be the fastest man on the planet.

I am narcissistic.

I am egotistic.

I am a perfectionist.

I am aiming and training to be the greatest.

And not many years are left for me, as I take what is left for me.

Thank you, Tao.

I am ready now

The moment when the ocean covers the land…

Earth will be as sand.

When the sky rains heavy droplets.

There will be nothing able to stop it.