“New love, as day…”

Your text brightens my morning.

I love learning about you…

What makes you happy and what makes you indifferent –

Do you feel this true love forming?

I knew you were serious, and that made me surer.

Talking to you is my medicine, and your voice is a curer.

You are supportive & it makes my heart purer…

I wear mine on my sleeve, and you help make my life more of a dream.

So losing you would be a horror.

Yes, I couldn’t be more formal…

Poetically expressing myself to you, and its only the beginning.

This romance that we are living…

Stay strong and hold on.

We will go far, with each day that goes on.

Belief in me equals belief in us.

Principals that are between us:

Honesty, adventure, love and trust.

I know that you did not want to rush, to not confuse love with lust.

But I want you to know that I couldn’t be more surer.

This love that is forming, let us let it guide us as we move on forward.

Dedicated to Kaylee

One thought on ““New love, as day…”

  1. Hi Elijah –
    My heart is warmed to see you have a new special relationship. I trust that you are keeping God in the midst of it – that’s the only way it can work. Allow Him to lead and set the pace.

    FYI: I suggest you check with Kaylee how she feels about your relationship being made so public in your blog. Respect her privacy in that – women are different from men!! 🙂


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