“Father and Symbol…”

Hello Jesus, I speak to you in between moments of glory, to thank you in your glory.

Subtle reminders are key, to remind me – the fact that I am nothing without you.

King of the universe, my ego is a hell of an ego. It is huge. But not so big to be matched next to yours.

I am not perfect, but I work damn hard. I read and study. I apply principals and solutions to my problems and I eventually do succeed…

I train, tirelessly. I love, relentlessly. But I haven’t truly battled like you have, although, I battled with multiple demons in which I have slayed.

This game is something you and I have played and are still playing.

I guess all that I am saying is, I am just as competitive as you – trying to serve the universe, cosmos and God the best way possible.

I want to be equipped and focused. It is easy to lose grasp and I just ask that you acknowledge my weaknesses and strength, knowing that I am a perfectionist like you were. Have sympathy for me king Jesus. I am a king in my own right too!

I have battles too!

What shall I do!

Worship you.

Thank you and I love you, Jesus.

Help me when I falter…

David did not fight Goliath with anyone, but by himself.

He fought with what he was equipped with. I humbly ask in advance, that you help me and guide me when I am most weakest.

Although, I am strong, I am smart and equipped…

I know that I am not so invincible to battle these giants alone for long.

Until I come home, I simply, ask in advance that I need your strength. I will be fine, I think and believe.

As I pursue with my ambitious heart – to achieve.