Practice More Abstractions…

I understand the impossibility of joining the Western concepts with Eastern concepts indefinitely. So, to find the middle way, is to achieve living. Living in the sense, that every moment is a now. No past, or future can interfere, or else a scattered mind persists.

I enjoy the peace that Eastern philosophy gives to me.

I dislike the laziness that appears in my mind.

I enjoy the work I adopt from the Western body, but I dislike the bussiness it takes away from living in harmony of the nature…

Doing nothing, not because I am lazy, but because I find the ways of this world, too scheming, too ambitious. It is hot, now. Temperatures exceed my body’s normal level. Rest.

The season is in reverse. I have all that I need: food, knowledge and warmth.

The winter is soon before I know it. That is when a true work is being done by my soul.

Now, in this moment – I find my balance with the season. I am adopting and adapting eastern concepts, as I burn off western spirit. Yet, I am ambitious and a balance is necessary.

This is a stage, perhaps, next year I will adopt fully, one philosophy…