“The idea of love…”

The little things in life…

With passion and love, become as big as glacier ice.

The little things like knowing she is happier, brings me higher.

My spirit and heart is revitalized by the love that you give to my worn soul.

Our first kiss will be warm to my soul.

In this age of technology, I can feel your soul’s sensation against mine.

The thought and idea of you, ofcourse, I am in love with you.

With only distance being time…

We can travel and be far together once things align.

Envision our future, as we are young and have the capability.

I am in school and so are you, we are finding the stability.

I am in love with an angel, in which is you.


Thank you.

You give me powers untold.

Creative energy unfolds, as it was that created this world.

Creativity is love.

Love, is creative in this fallen world.

As we figure out more about ourselves, you are the yin to my yang.

Together we are a team, and this love is but a dream. Walk with me as I progress everyday.

You will see that I can love you in many ways.