Trapped Too, Too Long.

I am trapped by society and its dogma.

Trapped in the sense, that I am horrified by its horror.

For a long duration…

A true horror, I say.

Because its a game that I still want to play.

I want to unite my ideas, however, grandiose that will seem to those in it.

I am like the superman that nietzche desribes…

I am a hero, and the web of western ideology – I’ve escaped.

Still stuck?

In the muck?

Flex your creativity, we all have it!

Until it was packaged and boxed…

But we have more control than we know, and we can take over and fullfil true freedom!

This mental prison that we are all in.

Fishes of all kinds swimming to fit in, blindly, voluntarily, into the net.

But I say and beg, no, there is a better way.

I am the philosopher, please do listen.

I am the modern day philospher of Stoiscm.