Poetic Vent.

At times, I cannot be specific when writing my poetry.

Flowingly I write with the rhythym of my thoughts, while creativity is sought…

I release the pressure of my brain, to keep from going insane.

And I mean that, and say that, because its possible.

I am extremly logical, and it hurts.

These poems are chronical, indeed, it works.

See and do read my past work.

To process my feelings and thoughts, creativity is sought.

What would life be without music Scott?

If there was no music, where I’d stand – I would rather drop.

Fall and sleep…

Because the montony bothers me.

Picks at and throws sticks at my neural make up.

I need stimuli to make me wake up.

Love is enough.

I recieve odd stares some times from people, then I feel out of place.

Is it my skin color, or my handsome face.

Found it. These poems are stepping stones, as I make the universe my home.

By writing about what I know and experience.

I enjoy the nonsense and sense I make working through my thoughts.

Because happiness is eternally and internally sought…