Life or Death.

This is life or death for me. My heart demands my work. Figuratively and literally.

I cannot function without this dream.

I need this dream.

I can see the dream.

I can feel this dream.

I am on my own. I am facing my biggest fears and failure.

400 Meters of greatness.

They tried to delay greatness.

I am sorry for my lateness.

I have practiced great patience. Took up zen, and meditation.

Now I want my win! I want it dammit!

I have too much, so much passion!!!

I have to sit to write this, in middle of my workout!

God, I hope this works out.

I trusted my process, thus far. Now I want to get what is mine. Please heavenly father. Allow me to break the record this season.

I am waiting for this and training for this. It is all I got, this record has not changed for years, and I come to destroy it with love and grit.

Because, this is life or death.