“Know Thyself…”

As the saying goes, and what so little people know – is to know thyself.

Be present in your actions,

Embody your captions…

Walk how you talk,

And talk how you walk,

and progress as you fault…

No man or woman,

is in perfect form.

But ahead we are drawn…

Time doesn’t necessarily exist, but light and day does.

Night and dark moods,

Represent dark gloom.

Light and hyper days,

Represent the enthusiasm,

for nice and brighter days.

Books and knowledge, gives me pride.

Competition in my sport, competition is my sport.

Westernized, but I adopt Eastern philosophy too…

Through these poetries of Zen, I show you what I can really do.

Evoke, provoke, emotions of mixture,

Pain as if covered in blisters,

Passion as if crying red,

Alive, as if no longer dead!

Conformity, I dread…

I think outside of the boxes and cage.

Elijah, knows himself, the athletic and intelligent sage…

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