It starts with an Idea.

An illusion, to me, is safety.

It is a place of retreat, and home inside of your mind.

Is there any harm in having an illusion? No. As long as it doesn’t include hurting anyone emotionally, or physically.

Religion could be an illusion.

Political parties hold illusions.

Athletes hold illusions…

Reality is subjective. It is not one set mode of existence.

My reality, is different from your reality, and your reality is different from her reality.

For all we know, we are all living in illusions or simulations…

All we know that is purely real, is the material.

What you think, could be as false as the idea of there being two suns that the Earth revolves around. We all know that their is only one sun.

Any idea is a belief.

An illusion is a belief.

Who determines if it is false?

Only you can because it is your reality and idea, unless it completely goes against facts and evidence of what is real, but you cross that bridge when your magic runs out and creativity and imaginations runs dry.

Anything is possible.

I say that to say this…Dreams are illusions.

And if I believe I am the next best 400M great, allow me to dream and at least attempt to live out my dream and illusion to see if my dream can come true.

Illusions, beliefs, ideas and dreams start in the mind.

Its how we create and turn those ideas into material, that determines the true innovators and believers.