“Worldy Vibes…”

Do you see the vision? No?

Allow me to paint.

With words so vivid for you to envision what I see and think.

A land of opportunity and less division.

While all of the negativity shrinks…

Creative energy is the new sunlight,

And hate is puny.

Love is the new currency exchange…

Sounds deranged, but this is the future.

Unless we allow it to turn grey.

Wake up and smell the coffee, hear the roosters.

Do you see?

My world is our world.

Your world is our world.

What we think is reality.

I rather my world be filled with love and creativity.

Love is relative, and we can never go anywhere with prejudices and self hate.

This is impossible for you to negate, the world will become awake.

Most are still asleep, but its because they are sheep.

Doesn’t make them bad or terrible –

We just need to replace being fearful, with love.

Self love.

Self care.

Self love.

Self care.