Fitting each word, is like connecting a puzzle.

I get a rush, and release much energy and thoughts that are vibrations.

Seeping through these keys and letters, creating waves and striations.

My creativity is messy and splash, but this makes it better with each hyphen and dash,

Letter and stanza,

Rhyme or manner…

It gets better like my life, and what I set to do.

It gets better with each day that is ultimately new…

My soul was manic, I was rushing and frantic.

I wanted the record, but it wasn’t my time.

I could not shine, not because I am not a star already,

But because, perhaps, the world is not ready.

Redshirt, but I am ready.

I’ve been through hurt.

I just want to work, and see what I can do as a special athlete.

This is what I love, and I want to break the record passionately.