No Labels. #001

I am recreating my blog and will be writing more about my life, my ideas, and thoughts about everything.

In the past, I wrote because I wanted to become this famous author. And I hoped that my writing would take off in a day or something unrealistic.

Now, I write to progress my thoughts and to share what is happening in my life.

I share these posts with my girlfriend.

Family members.

And friends who care to read.

I am a literal open book, so this will be a great way to express it much more detailed.

I live a crazy life, and its interesting… It’ll only get more crazy the more I progress in life…

I figure I label my blog no labels, because its just me expressing me.

I am not an athlete.

I am not a scholar.

I am not a writer.

I am not a college student.

But at the same time I am all of these things, and will show exactly who I simply am through these writings to show that I am just a man.

Thank you for reading.