“Live Through The Heart…”

I am alive through my heart, and captured by my passion.

The dark insides, are what brings life into enchanment.

Magic is surrounded by us all, especially through poetic expressions.

My words are my ammunition, my pen is my supreme weapon.

I am preparing for war.

I am preparing as I am repairing.

I am sharing for all.

I am tearing, because I know this day or any day after – could very well be my last.

Nothing is promised; I say that is a fact.

Simple as that…

These are connections that I make, through a story of rhyming.

Immense creativity, immense priming.

Focusing on good, despite my dark history.

Walking with my shadow…

I choose to be a mystery.

Living life through emotions, not through a box.

Emotions are boundless, emotions are hot.

It needs its space, to evaporate its ugly steam.

It burns, oh it burns, but its darkness is teamed –

With passion through a pen, but that is secondary.

Athletiscm and a dream, that will be legendary