Stoic Art.

Stoiscm is a discipline, not some fancy name.

Stoiscm is a lifestyle, to adapt to constant pain.

Poetry is one form, of stoic exercise.

I like to perform actual exercises, when trying to rid the distractions, like constant pestitides.

I want to conquer, I came and then saw.

I looked in the mirror, deep inside of my flaws.

Saw that I still loved myself, despite my cement walls.

Because still, I am not ready to love;

I am ready to grow, to heights as tall.

Imperfect, but I have hope for perfection.

I want to make more mistakes, to make more corrections.

To grow maturity in areas I never thought about.

I want to be the main attraction, what everyone talks about.

Building my stoic consistency, and star light.

It is not merely for recognition, its also for preparation.

For some life after, my spirit could stand the testing…