“Light From Darkness…”

Light transformed and is still transforming from the abyss.

My roots are dark, black and thick.

The devil tricked and tripped,

But I am as strong as brick, as strong as wind, as strong as flint.

The devil is weak; God is with me.

I am with God…

Excellence is my job, perfection is my reach.

Get out of my temple, get out of my mind.

You will not overcome with your blackness.

However, the shadow is beautiful with wings… They cover my scars with rough patches.

My scars were inflicted by myself and society.

This world is not perfect, in its notieriety.

But still magical and beautiful, turning darkness into light.

I overcame depression, now I soar higher for more to reach.

I travel for treasure I seek,

From north, south, west to east.

The signs read and tell me 3:33…

You are connected to the universe, but so is everyone else.

Be the light, and see what helps.

Poetry, reading…

Seeking. Trying to rid my mind of demons.