Lost in depression

God, I am losing faith.

If you truly cared, you would take me out of this place.

This dark sea where I cannot swim or see.

I am losing touch with me.

The only way out is through death.

This planet is not the best.

No matter what I do, I am bound to suffer.

I wouldn’t want nothing else but to go into a deep slumber.

I realize that I am living in a hell.

Look at me.

Look at me.

Not an ounce of joy.


5 thoughts on “Lost in depression

  1. Life is defined through suffering,
    they are light and shadow – one and the same.
    Often that suffering is refinement,
    as life is a treacherous and a demanding bitch.
    She welcomes not all,
    but rather antagonizes and berates,
    cautiously massaging the wounded and battered into strength.
    Do not lose Faith,
    but curb that belief into an understanding of the promise for suffering,
    for there is nothing without suffering,
    and She is the only true mother of beauty
    and of joy,
    that flighty and rare of daughters.
    Do not leave.
    Suffer with us here,
    and grown in pain
    and in joy and wisdom.

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