“Coffee Grounds…”


Creatively flowing.

I love its stimulant;

This feeling is rich.

Its taste is sweet, and bitter.

I tend to think better and more clearly.

I suppose everyone has their choice of drug, and I get my rush from coffee.

The smell and taste.

My senses race in an order alligned.

Helps with my poetry, becomes more refined.

Developing a scheme.

Developing my theme.

I grow in these writings, and thats no exaggeration.

See for yourself, my implications: past writings and extreme battles through my poems.

You will see, what I know are actual applications.

And then you can appreciate, my maturations.

This isn’t the end.

I have just begun.

My 100th time, picking up the pen.

My 100th time getting back up.

My mind is tough. I am close to some sort of victory and special moment.

Thats deep in my psyche, I choose to believe that.

Thank you for reading that.

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