“I came, I saw, I conquered.”

That is a quote from Julius Ceasar. In latin, Veni, Vidi, Vici…

It is to describe his short and swift victory in the battle of Zela.

I am attracted to the simplicity and art surrounding this phrase. There is a sense of enigma and wordly passion.

Many times in life, when we are battling, whether it is depression, an endeavor to overcome a challenge, any challenge, could even be death…

We should approach that endeavor with passion.

We should seize it and make it ours, with passion.

What is life without passion?

I cannot imagine living or going on without it. It is like a power from the Gods.

Passion is like color to a blankless life.

Passion is the key ingredient to moving and growing past limits.

Passion is life.

Passion is grit and love.

Passion is my favorite characteristic about myself. The most important. The most visibly potent too.

When you see tears in a triumph of a sporting event, instantly, the audience can feel that too. Think passion.

When you see sweat from a person working intensely, think passion.

Quickness, fast paced, heavy breathing. Getting back up, when knocked the hell down. Wind blown from a punch to the gut and still standing up. Thats fucking passion.

Hours in the coffee shop, or library, studying for a grade and ultimately a degree. Passion!

But sad to see and sad to say, some people lack or totally ignore the power of this special thing. This literal power… But for those living life with passion. Cultivate it. Use it. Cultivate it. Use it and grow with it.

It will take you a far distance. When it runs out, do not panic. It will come back. When life knocks you off your horse. When you lose footing, recall your glorious moments. Recall why you are doing what you are doing and get back on your path.

Passion may die, this is true.

But fight!

Fight, and it may live a little longer.