Open Diary. Chapter 2

Everyday, every morning, I perform 200 push-ups. It is a discipline and passion builder. It also provides me with the sense of competition and completion. Many aren’t up cranking out that many push-ups at 5:40 in the morning.

Unless you are Jocko Willink. Whom is a huge inspiration For me. That man is a retired navy seal. Extremely tough and excellent guy. I don’t know him personally, but his YouTube and Instagram, I follow. He is just elite. One of my few role models.

Today feels like it will be a good day, and if not guess what. I will make it one.

Too often, we let things happen and change our course of events, radically change our mood, or mindset.

Too often, I do.

There is a hack though. Make it your own! Taking ownership is important and perhaps the biggest principle in terms of growth and developing into a more whole and strong independent individual!

Word for the day – Ownership.