Open Diary. Chapter 4

I use Instagram and Facebook as a journal. I am heavily attached to social media and technology. I watched an interesting video with Elon Musk. He says we are all Cyborgs because of the fact we cannot go anywhere without our phone, it’s always beside us.

I must be a complete cyborg then. lol

I did my 200 push-ups this morning at 4:30 A.M.

I brushed my teeth.

Took my vitamins.

Made my bed.

Listened to a motivational video.

Slowly waking up.

It is now 5:17.

I am tired.

I meditated for 11 minutes….

I am sharpening my mind and focus.

Doing the little things helps me to achieve the great things…

In my old apartment, I lost my birth certificate. (If you follow my open diary series.) I am finally getting a new one! My good friend is bringing it to me today. I had to use her address to get it sent to. My new landlord doesn’t allow me to use her address for mailing. It’s okay though. Slowly but surely, I am acquiring all of my blessings and material possessions.

I never knew how much materials are important for a person. As much as I don’t want to sound materialistic, I need things.

It helps. It drives me in a way. And it’s just comforting. No one likes to go without.

I value everything so much more now.

I spoke to my grandmother yesterday night.

We caught up.

She says she would send me money to help with things.

Every little bit counts.

Thanks grandmom.

I spoke to my ex yesterday too.

We are getting on better terms. I desire a deep friendship with her. She was there for some tough times. It wouldn’t be necessary to totally sever our relationship. She is as important to me, as anyone else I love with my heart.

Loving someone unconditionally – that’s real love. The only love I expect, and the only love I am willing to accept.

I have four classes today. Piece of cake. Arrogant? Perhaps. Alpha mentality, yup.

I conquer everything in my path. Whether it’s challenges, school, Reps in an exercise, or a dream that I am chasing.

For those that have been reading my blog. I forgot to mention my dream to you!

My dream is to break the 400M record at my college. It is 46.63. Then, I aim to break the world record, for the olympics.