Open Diary. Chapter 6

Oppression. It’s a real thing. Subtle. Invisible. But very real.

How do you overcome?

I don’t know. Keep going.

Keep fighting. Pushing. Growing. Trying. Getting up. Staggering, forward… At least somehow.

It is hard. But you suck it up.

It is difficult but you change your perception as much as you need to, to adapt, and persevere.

I will never forget, I can never forget, I am unable to forget… That I am a black man in a white man’s world.

That is okay…

I love all races, even if I am not respected or loved back.

Inside, we are all the same.

I will never let the things I go through, break me indefinitely or change my heart cold.

Positive forces prevail.

God, I pray, and ask that you bless me accordingly… And help me rise above all of my difficulties.

I pray for my enemies.

Thank you, Jesus.