Open Diary. Chapter 7

This is my second day doing 400pushups in the morning. Before that, for the past week – I’ve been doing 200.

Everyday, I will do this – for the value of discipline and commitment.

Everyday last year, I did 100 push-ups every morning. I look back and say that was nothing. It was easy, but felt like hell sometimes. I quickly adapted, but never adjusted the rep amount. Lesson here, go beyond plateaus…

I believe everything we do is for an act or to represent a particular value.

For example, I write, for the value of passion.

Values reflect who we are or are trying to become.

I’m not perfect. I’m not perfect.

That is why I am tirelessly, striving to do better and grow.

I make mistakes. I hate that aspect about me.

I wish I could be like Jesus.

I wish I could be my best self – but I wasn’t born that way. Unfortunately.

But there is a joy and sense of fulfillment in seeing how far you come.

I’m reading the Bible everyday too.

I am on page 15.

I was born as a Christian. I can never lose faith. It is important I stay close to the most high. He is the key to my blessings. ✝️🙏🏿