“Sorrows Fading…”

I have found some sort of balance…

I am stronger, yet, my heart isn’t calloused.

I am out of the darkness, but still aware of the pain.

I think, jokingly… heartbreaks are a ruthless thing.

Me and my mother are good and communicating.

I am stable, and no longer ruminating.

I am attending classes and eating.

I am on track and on top of my game.

Life does not seem so plain.

I meet with a therapist once a week.

I will keep up this streak!

I am training, still holding on to my dreams.

I am attending church every Sunday, I feel community.

I see the value in keeping my faith in Christ.

He provides me strength to endure life.

I am reading Marcus Aurelius, and I enjoy philosophy.

Though my life isn’t perfect, I feel health and quality…

Well-being, and happiness.

This journey, I love it!

I am grateful.