“Mental Health…”

My mental health is important to me. I have to stay even planed, and full of positivity. I cannot fall victim to depressing thoughts or negative people. I can’t. This life is precious. I just have to live it the best way that I can, and stand firm in that.

Today, I had someone call me crazy and mental.

I could have taken that really personally.

I could let that ruin my day and ruin my mood.

But I refuse to let that be the case.

In fact, I am going to push even harder in spite of that… And be me.

People judge and don’t even know what someone may be going through.

They could be fighting for their lives, for their right to be happy.

Everyone has a place in this world.


I believe that.

We are all separate and unique puzzle pieces.

That person does not know what I just went through yesterday.

I contemplated suicide and was really thinking about leaving this place called Earth.

But I am stronger today, and I won’t let that make me fall back in that cycle.

I will keep fighting for my mental health.

I won’t let negative, mean souled, and ugly inside people mess up my groove.

In fact, today is going so good.

Things are great on the other side of things.

I met with my professor, and we are creating a solid relationship.

I talked to my grandmother today, and she gave me inspiration and hope, to keep pushing forward…

I feel optimistic and bounced back from yesterday.

Yes, I am Living with bipolar.

But it’s time we erase the stigma.

Because anyone could have an onset, and it could happen to you.

In life, I think a key point of existing with other people and living – is to grow in empathy.

Empathy is important because at some point in everyone’s lives, a person will suffer. And I think that growing in empathy is just key.

We are all social human beings, and with existing together, we should all accept others and be more open minded about other peoples’ way of doing things.

I just wanted to express this. It was on my mind, and I’m not letting that get to me… Plus, today is “Erase The Stigma Day”! This piece is not even dedicated to her, but for this special day, for advocacy and awareness of how important mental health is. Positive vibes…