“Colder Days…”

Colder days ahead of me.

I prepare readily, and stealthily.

I will not let darkness get the best of me,

So as a mighty warrior,

I refuse to let negativity sever me.

I pray for strength and insight, and wisdom to do right.

I pray to stay afloat, and to swim above water.

To face darkness, and it’s horror –

Life and it’s demons, to be courageous in it’s full meaning…

To be virtuous and angelic like.

To be holy, and to be solely on the right path set for me.

To never ever veer off, not even for a minute.

If so cut me off from life.

I don’t deserve to live it…

I refuse to take any more steps back, I want pure perfection.

I will be hard on myself, because I know life tests me much harsher.

So what better way to prepare, than to be much harder.