“Inspiration for the broken…”

They say that pressure makes diamonds.

Stress makes a person stronger,

sharper, more wiser…

I have been through everything. I can only move higher and attain more.

I am expecting it to rain more, but moreover, I am expecting more blessings.

I am eager to experience more elated joy.

I am ready to live autonomously.

They say the greatest giving is anonymous.

To the one struggling inside, if you look to my writings for inspiration, you will find Gold and growth.

Keep going, I promise you, that you will rise above, and that is for you to know and cherish.

Know that your body cuts and bruises, but your soul can know no perish.

Follow me, and see what I do.

Each day, is another day to reach my full potential.

All of these writings are sequential.

It holds wisdom, progress, and evidence for greatness.

Be yourself, and find the courage to love yourself.

Know yourself, and grow…