I want to grow in my sacredness.

I wish to glow in my nakedness.

I wish to know all of my weaknesses.

I wish to be enlightened, brightened and perfected.

I want to last long in my strength.

I want to travel to many seas, and to not sink.

I want to evolve into the mysterious force.

I want to see what I can really do.

If I remember clearly, I am God’s son.

What does that make me?

A God in my own right.

I will creatively draw upon my abilities and make them mighty.

My thought will be sharpened.

My voice will be hoarse, as I affirm my power.

I am a spirit and will dwell in this fifth dimension.

The writings are my way of making sense of my growth and comprehension; it is my way of growing into ascension.

My way of manifesting my lessons.

The poems and short ideas, are my way of evolving my mind.

I have come a long way…

I will do all that can be done in this day.