Your egoistic attitude cuts deeper than the ocean.

Blocked, black, and disconnected from something pure.

Love is the only cure;

I am sure.

You are far, but eventually, you will come down to your senses…

And I will be here.

I am not one to give up on anyone.

I love wholeheartedly and purely.

And your ego, is killing me – strangling my senses.

I cannot sleep through all of this tension.

Overthinking, confused and belittled.

I don’t stay down for long, don’t count on me being crippled.

I just love deeply, deeper than you cut.

Eventually, I will stand up.

Some of these feelings will fade, but it will always remain.

Why do I love this way?

Power in empathy & wisdom too sacred…

Unconditionally loving someone, although not returned.

My soul burns,

But as for my individual journey, I only become a giant.

Pain is my friend, pain makes me a lion.

I am not a sheep, nor am I weak.

I sleep, with open eyes, I no longer weep, I’ve been through worst.

This just hurts.

But that is okay…