Open Diary 9

I am striving to thrive.

I am changing my mode of thinking and life, constantly.



I want to be great.

I know what it takes, and all it takes is more of me.

The mind and body will follow and adapt.

My soul is using the will to power.

I will get there, one day at a time.

I am getting bigger, faster, stronger, smarter.

I am growing and challenging myself.

Life is constant work.

I choose to work on myself endlessly.

I choose to be misunderstood.

I choose individualism over conformity.

I choose discomfort over comfort.

Each and everyday will be lived as if it is my last.

I will grow and become the highest I can possibly be.

These are affirmations and truths, that I choose to declare.

I love myself.

I am never the same, I am always evolving.