“Poetic Justification…”

Dark roots help me to see higher sky!

My heart beats, and pumps red blood, moist, yet, iron dry…

I am as loyal as wolves by your side.

I am as strong as wind, piercing in, through steel scrapers.

Peel a layer, and see my heart willing to die for a value.

I gave up on the pursuit of the 400M, yet, I did not throw in the towel.

Courageous, because I will find a way to compete and give my all.

Walking with my head held high, but sometimes I look down low…

Ashamed, because I did not reach the goal.

But something else happened, something else occurred!

My soul reached a maturity, which could not be solely expressed by words.

It’s a mysterious feeling, that’s it. It’s a feeling achieved, that’s all I can say.

Knowing I gave my all, for reasons kept private and sacred.

Now I carry new strength for something better in its own right.

I am a man of love, passion, and patience.

I am a man of God, declaring my blessings.

One day at a time, I will reach a new goal, and will keep on expressing.

A good friend and supporter, told me that it is all a mindset.

Well through these poems of expression, I want to thank you, my friend.

I knew that secret, I guess I just got down on my luck.

Luckily, I have two passions to draw from within my soul.

Writing and expressing, has been something like that of Gold.

With each new day, I will write with progression.

Until I reach my new succession, football.

I learned many lessons.

One most important and simplistic was this one –

Never lose yourself, in a pursuit of a mountain high achievement.

Take your time, because things will present itself to you in seasons.